Friday, November 16, 2007

Imagine this?!

To my utter surprise, after being gone for nearly a month from the blogosphere, I discover I am one of 10 people on Meari's list to be awarded the 'You Make Me Smile Award'!

I am one who makes Meari smile. :-) <---like that, lol. Meari was my first online stitching 'contact'. She has been kind, helpful and she's just cool in general. Thank you, Meari, from a special place in my heart. I did some research and discovered that I am supposed to pass this on to 10 people...well here are a few...not quite 10:






Dawn-StitchingNow with Eeyore

Kathie-Kathie's Stitching & Journal

Mercy-Pretty in Pink

Barb-Here's My Blog!


the hundreds of bloggers whose blogs I've read that have inspired & comforted me.