Thursday, January 10, 2008

Dollhouse Beginnings!

Merry Christmas to meeeee....I received this dollhouse as a gift, and I've already made bed linens (crocheted, beaded, stitched), pillows, working on curtains, will house Spinster Mack, a disillusioned seamtress extraordinaire, who invariably looks alot like Miss Mary Mack (from post below, lol). She bought an old factory, refurbished it and will live upstairs and her needlework shop will be downstairs. Having just moved in she has to decorate, arrange her furniture, and set up her shop, as you can see.

It is actually 4 roomboxes arranged into square/rectangular structure. Oh, and she resides in Italy, hence the flat roof/veranda where she goes to pray, meditate and receive inspiration. There will be gardens, perhaps both flower and vegetable, birdbaths, and other accoutrements to an ascetic life.

This is incredible fun!!!!!