Monday, February 11, 2008

Miniature Needlework Shop WIP!

This is how far I have gotten with my dollhouse needlework shop. Not only is it a mini, its a one room shop, lol. I added on so it *will* have a backroom/storage area/kitchenette.

This project has and continues to bring me an incredible amount of joy and satisfaction.

Discovered I should use a ruler to show scale. The mini sampler, as you may recognize, is framed and ready for hanging. Here are some interesting details:

~The thread skeins were quite easy to make, I still think they should be a little smaller for 1/12th scale.

~The scissors are also a bit big for scale, but I made fobs for them out of beads, pictures will show up at some point.

~My Dad and I made the shelving on the left for the fabric bolts. Lace edging on shelves easily adhered with glue.

~Still need window treatments, and miniature finished items for display case and shelving right hand corner.

~ Still need to get close-ups of the threads, charts, and magazines available.

~Need to name shop.

~Spinster Mack's upstairs residence still needs to be done.

~Exterior will be the last to do.