Sunday, May 11, 2008

My gift to Meari!

Meari, is a sweet friend and I decided that a sweet friend needs a sweet gift from me. I had internally decided that 2008 was my year of 'selfish stitching'. But, I have made more gifts than I have in previous years, lol!
So continuing with the technique of mixed media art & stitching, I created this little pinkeep/ornament & scissor fob/whatever you want it to be thingy.
The card is the stitched gift & other items scanned then printed on cardstock. Fabric and/or embellishments are used such as ruffly lace, buttons, pins, ribbons, beads etc:

inside of the card:
a cute collage using fabric scraps, miniatures, pins, buttons, fabric, paper, beads buttons, etccccccc....
Mostly the same objects plus a few here and there, lol.

back of the card:
Design scanned onto cardstock with fabric and a stitching hoop:
And the stitched gift: "Amitie"/friendship freebie design by Windy Willows, stitched on 28 count white evenweave 'Monaco' using DMC threads.
This is Windy Willows homepage, she asks that if we use her site to link to her homepage:
Finished into a pinkeep, embellished with pale pink ruffly lace, pink ribbon, round pearl head pins and heart shaped pearl head pins, a white, elongated pearl bead on top and bottom.
The scissor fob was made with an assortment of beads in various shaped/colors and jewelry findings topped off with a heart charm, and graced with a little pink bow.

Meari, loves it and I am glad that we are friends!