Saturday, June 28, 2008

Calling all PIF'ers!

Pay It Forward--not sure where the term originated....but...

I responded to 3 stitchers offering to PIF. Lillie, Sonda and Yuko. I absolutely *love* receiving handmade items from the heart, so I will now PIF to 9 individuals that's 3 for each PIF I have responded to, who would like to carry on the tradition and receive a handmade item from me within the next 365 days (that's a year, thank goodness, lol).

*** This is how it works ***If you would like to receive something made by me within the next 365 days, please comment on this post to say that you are interested.

*The rule is "the first three" persons will receive something. But in my case, the first 9!

Carrying on the tradition means if you sign up for a PIF to receive a handmade item, you should reciprocate and send a PIF to 3 who respond to your post. :-)