Wednesday, July 23, 2008

New stash!

My LNS, ThistleNeedleworks, had it's midsummer madness sale recently and here's a sampling of what I purchased, *and* saved $40.00! :-)

As I post this, it's raining in buckets here and I love it!

I bought 5 sets of q-snaps, 2- little ones- 6x6, 2- 8x8, and 1- 11x11. I can mix and interchange them to suit all of my stitching needs.

Interesting what catches the eye at one time, and what doesn't at other times. Example: 'new' designs may not appeal to me when they are new, but then appeal to me after they've been out awhile like The Drawn Thread's '12 House Sampler'. I am so drawn to the little houses. I may not stitch it as a full project, but stitch the houses as small's, or incorporate them into another design.

Oh, and Homespun Elegance's 'May Our Handwork Fulfill...', again, I fell in love with the separate motifs.

La D Da's 'Five Fine Roosters'-it's screamming to be stitched and find a home in my kitchen.

The tombstone designs are new to me. I was never drawn to them, but after visiting the local historic cemetary, learning about grave/tombstone rubbings, I became very interested in the stitched versions of these things such as Carriage House Samplings 'Prudence Wilcome's Tombstone Angel.'

Brightneedle's designs are so delicate and pretty that I invested in quite a few of their charts.

Milady's Needle keychain samplers-perfect for my dollhouse :-P

and of course threads galore! etc.................... what a rush!