Saturday, August 2, 2008

Another warm, heartfelt thank you...and... all the stitchers with and without blogs who have allowed me to enjoy their stitching, gifts, creativity, friendship, warmth, and kindness over the past few years. I view literally hundreds of blogs, mostly stitching, in a months time. (as most of us do, lol).

In reading Jennifer's post -Giving Out Awards, I felt moved to post a bit about how I feel about awards:

I have received 3 awards from stitchers and it pleased me very much. I know there are so many more awards out there that I haven't received, but I don't feel bad about it. To me stitching is a joyful activity and blogging is fun. It's like a wee pat on the back to say, 'hey you did good!' , and that some sweet stitcher was thinking about me.
I've viewed American blogs, Italian, French, Spanish, Malaysian, Finnish, Japanese, etc etc etc...and on those blogs are links and blogrolls which I have clicked on, loved, and then clicked again and again and again to find myself 3 hours later in a daze of excitement about what I've learned and what I've seen, complete with ohhhh's & ahhhhh's! Many things added to my faves, etc..

At one point I thought I could actually keep a blogroll to recognize other blogs and provide a listing for those viewing my blog and soon discovered that this is an impossible task. Many of you, or rather, most of you who have made it to my blog have gotten here via a link/blogroll, because I left a comment on your blog, a search for 'whatever', or because of my participation in a stitchers group/s. Or, even better---serendipitously stumbled here :-) And I thank you for being here. :-)

I can't always leave comments on all the blogs I visit, I lurk on some, and I always comment on others...oh, and rather than to keep so many on my faves, I keep a few that have encyclopedic-sized blogrolls and use theirs, lol. Clever, eh?

I've even seen my blog listed on blogs I hopped to from a blog I read regularly, and even from blogs I've never read before....there I am, lol. This in and of itself is so cool.

What's even greater is the networking and friendships that develop as a result of blogging, blog hopping and leaving even the smallest comment, the "I've been here and wanted to say hi." comment.

So, in taking a little advice from Jennifer--- what I have decided to do, short of a full-blown blogroll is to perhaps on a weekly basis mention some blogs I read, some I lurk on, and some that are new to me and label them with the same label (haven't decided what it will be yet).

As Jen puts it, a small, wise investment to pick a few blogs , post them &----As I put it: for the future of stitching.

So as a warm thank you to seasoned stitchers, and a warm welcome to new stitchers, look for my posts regarding 'a little post means alot'. :-)