Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Pillow finish and some sweet finds!

Meet 'Ellie', rescued from a local thrift shop. She is an adolescent bunny who looks like she was either made in hurry, or perhaps by a child. She isn't stuffed tightly and her clothing is sort of haphazard. But, because she is who she is ( a bunny), she was rescued and added to the ever growing bunny colony in my home, which I *will* take pictures of at some point. Oh, Ellie was .50 cents, lol. Imagine?

Below are a few sweet finds which I added to my crafting/stitching stash of goodies. The stitching (La D Da's-A Rose is a Rose- a freebie design) on the pillow in the picture with Ellie was done by CathyB, my first Fair and Square Exchange partner. Since I am in a finishing technique mode, and being the pillow enthusiast that I am---I made it into a little pillow-- the fabric is a cotton calico with little roses on it and the trim is some that Lillie sent me as a PIF. It works perfectly!
And the back: I sewed a little pocket out of the signature square CathyB stitched, trimmed it, added a pearly button, laminated the note she sent, and added one of my own dried roses. The chicken on the left is something I sewed a few months back from a pattern I found in a 1980's craft mag that was free from the library.

A cute little design rescued from a local thrift shop for .50 cents! Appears that it was stitched on muslin free hand in cross stitch. Unfortunately no date or location, but precious just the same.

Another find for my bunnies and/or dolls (now that I think of it, even some stitching), for a whopping .50 cents!