Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Short thread trouble?

I think many of you already do this, but I just discovered a way to end the dilemma (a dilemma for me, trivial to some, lol) of the short thread trouble at the end of a color. Ok, here's the scenario: you have, say, a stitch or two left in this particular color and you hate the idea of starting a new thread only to have to cut it after that last stitch or two...so I though if I slid the needle under the neighboring completed stitches, *then* thread the needle with the last bit of short thread hanging off, *then* pull it under those neighboring completed stitches, I'd save myself rethreading the needle with a brand new thread of the same color. Ok, I admit, probably my thriftiness .... :-P

What do you think, trivial, or a neat little trick?