Sunday, September 21, 2008

A Wee Finish and WIP!

From Country Cross Stitch Magazine, October 2008 issue. I stitched a motif from a larger design on 32 count linen using cotton DMC threads 2/2. Below is the picture from the mag next to my stitched piece.

Here is the other sewing machine I've started stitching from the same chart:

Oh, note to Meari, these are the 6 x 6 q-snaps, the design size is 40 or so stitches by 50 or so stitches. I doubled up on the felt because the linen is thin. I love using the 6 x 6 q-snaps for this size project, the only drawback is when you get to the ends of the design when ending or starting a new thread, you may have to slide the clamp off the q-snap to allow the needle to pass straight under the existing stitches so as not to disturb them and loosen them too much. I left about 2 inches around the design size for finishing and to lay over the q-snap so the clamp can hug it properly and securely.