Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I won! (again) and...

Way back when...(!-I'm so bad with dates...) I entered yet another giveaway sponsored by Mercy, and guess what? I won!!! And this is what I received:

Something Wicked by one of my favorite designing companies: La-D-Da. Mercy has had several giveaways and I was one of her lucky winners! She even kitted it up for me with the recommended fabric and DMC threads. I just love this design, thanks so much Mercy!

Because I have been the recipient of two of the most lovely giveaways, I too, shall enter the giveaway extravaganza. Not in honor of anything or anyone in particular, but rather for the sake of doing something 'nice' and to show my appreciation for the generosity of the stitchers who have given of themselves so selflessly and abundantly.

So, I will organize several giveaways, look for details in future posts. Love to you all :-)