Friday, January 11, 2008

Pillows, I love pillowssss!

I have decided within the next week or so to bring some of my livejournal posts forward to blogger. I'll photograph the next 6 in a group as well. This was a great easy and fun series to stitch, allowing the stitcher to take liberties and add/take away from the designs to make them his or her own. Here is the link: click here . Mind you, there are alot of freebies on that page, so you must scroll way down to see this series intermixed with other cute designs as well.

Below are as far as I have gotten --I am really proud of these pillows!

A word to the wise about December, which is a WIP---when starting a series, review *all* of the designs and colors called for because if it calls for black, white, or whatever, think--is that color going to show up on the fabric to your standards? I didn't think in these terms because it was my first series,, and it ends up that December calls for white. Ok, well on fiddlers cloth white just doesn't show up, so I had to make a decision...and you will see what that was another time...

Added 2/13/08, and I love it! not at all like the pattern, but this is where creativity comes into play. :-)