Saturday, January 12, 2008

Visit to Jane's Dollhouse & Miniatures!

On a cold and rainy Friday, we set out at 8 am, traveled about an hour and to our astonishment, came upon Jane's Dollhouse & Miniatures.
Set in the quaint 'cove' of Hamburg (inside Lyme), Ct, Jane's Dollhouse & Miniatures is a
nostalgic jump back to past simpler times. (just my style).
The proprietor, Jane, is a mature woman of, I would say 80ish, and runs this old-time general store with a somewhat unique & eclectic assortment of miniatures. Jane's grandfather ran this store before Jane started as proprietor in 1953.
I would venture to say that this is Jane's personal tribute to her family and her love of miniatures. Sort of a museum.
View from left front window from outside:

A bit closer:
(great chevron patterned mini afghan there)

Once you walk in, look to the right and you will see this:

Jane not only sells a few already built dollhouses, dollhouse furniture, and other dollhouse goodies, she sells books and booklets about the history of Lyme, Ct.
We were fascinated by Jane's readiness to share her miniatures and talk about her life in this small cove. She even has a miniature of her store when it was run by her grandfather when she was just a young girl., "H. L. Reynolds Co." situated behind her on a shelf. (thats her hand, lol).

Jane spoke with such pride about her family business and her miniatures. We spent several hours enjoying her company and admiring her small, but quaint selection of goods.

Below are pictures of the store, set back in earlier times, in miniature.

this must be her grandfather in miniature, lol.

We were completely surprised by this rare and unusual general store and I would recommend it if you are a history buff into miniatures and enjoy and appreciate the simpler things in life.

By the way, Jane's Dollhouses & Miniatures is advertised in the February 2008 issue of Miniature Collector.